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NBA Freebet Ticket #3


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  Grab your NBA free bet ticket up to $20 now !!! 


 Starts:  16, Jan 10:00 AM UTC 

Ends:  19, Jan 23:59 PM UTC 

Hey BC Players! A freebet ticket is coming! Don’t miss it.

This time, we provided a free bet ticket up to $20 to all users who bet on the NBA-selected match, “ 
Los Angeles Lakers VS Philadelphia 76ers “, limited to the first 300 slots !!! First come, first serve based. 



  • Place a bet on pre-match “1x2” only.
  • Only one(1) single bet per person is accepted. 
  • Bet result with “lost” is valid to submit the sports ticket id. (Half lost/Cash-out are non-acceptable)
  • Using a Free bet ticket to enter this event is non-acceptable.
  • Form submitting once(1 time) will do; either the latest submitted information will overwrite the old information and cause limited slots taken by other users.
  • Single bets only - Multis & Combo parlays are not acceptable.
  • Hedging is strictly not allowed.
  • Free bet tickets will distribute within 48 hours to the first "300 qualified users.” after the end of the event time frame.
  • Free bet ticket amount based on your eligible sports bet ID amount, up to $20.
  • Example: Prof.Bil makes a bet on “ Los Angeles Lakers VS Philadelphia 76ers ” with $15, the result is “LOST,” and Prof.Bil was one of 300 limited slots. Prof.Bil will earn a free bet ticket valued at $15.



Selected Match

Los Angeles Lakers VS Philadelphia 76ers

Game Time
Game Time: 16 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC+0


Magic link



Minimum VIP
Minimum VIP 1 Level and above.


Minimum Odds requirement
Minimum odds 1.5 (European) and above.


Minimum bet size
Equivalent to US $1


Bet type

“1x2” Only 




Pre-match only


Eligible currencies
All cryptocurrencies are eligible (except JB,BCL)

All fiat is eligible


How to Participate :

  • Click here to submit your sportsbook valid ticket id.
  • In case you need the URL for submitting your entry: https://bc.game/forum_event/F6F371CBC31B2F20
  • Please submit the correct sports bet ticket ID. Forms are editable within the event time frame. For any amendments, please resubmit your forms with the link above.


Example for "Form submitted” reference :



Sports Bet ID: 2178076114965115642


Freebet Detail

  1. Free bet ticket will be issued to the correct sports ticket id owner.
  2. Free bet will be expired within 30 days once granted. Please activate it asap.
  3. After activation, please use it as soon as possible. Activated free bets will be expired within 30 days.
  4. Any wrong ticket id submitted, or missed of free bet activated period, will not be re-issued the free bet ticket.
  5. Free bet ticket odd limitation in between 2.0 - 4.0.
  6. Free bet ticket can be placed in any of the sportsbook matches.
  7. Free bet ticket will be granted in the “BCD" view for prior.
  8. Free bet ticket with a “won" result. The stake will not return; only the profit amount will be issued back to the account.




  • The ticket ID will not be counted if the selection results in a void or postponement.
  • If the selection match is canceled or postponement, the round of this event will be canceled.
  • Cashed-out bets are not eligible.
  • Hedging is strictly not allowed.
  • Create a SINGLE post. If you get a better result, edit your existing post, and don't create a new post.
  • Bets must be placed & settled during the time window specified above. This thread will automatically lock when the time period ends.
  • One (1) entry per family. If someone attempts to claim multiple prizes, they will be disqualified from the challenge as well as all future challenges. This may also result in account termination.
  • Failure to follow the instructions will result in the cancellation of your submission.
  • By entering this challenge, you acknowledge that BC.GAME has final decision rights over results and placement.
  • Freebet tickets will be paid within 48 hours after the event finishes.
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Hi, game ended already?thought I should submit when topic is live or unlocked. I haven't considered betting earlier afraid that my entry would be invalid if I submit early bet. 

Sorry I think I'm confused, so that means for an unlocked topic we can bet right away then submit later?

Edited by Fergie
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lol this  freebet show up when the  game is ended my bad

Life is a Gamble Bet on Yourself

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2 hours ago, zeroreturn said:

lol this  freebet show up when the  game is ended my bad

Ya I saw this topic yesterday but we can't post reply yet until unlocked. Plus I'm thinking twice if posting early bet won't be in time frame required making entry invalid. I regret not betting for this one its a good game 

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Great! Thank you!

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I've joined the forum event; Now it's your turn to win generous rewards from BC.GAME!

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